02 October, 2009

Support Irish Blasphemy!

A while back, Ireland passed a ridiculous law that basically says if enough religious frothers get in a snit because you weren't nice to their fantasy, you get hit with a 25,000 Euro fine.  And that's not all:

The law also allows for “Seizure of copies of blasphemous statements” (Provided you have been convicted of blasphemy already and the police have a warrant.)
Again, what does that mean for Irish citizens?
Ireland’s Blasphemy Bill not only criminalizes free speech, it also gives the police the authority to confiscate anything deemed “blasphemous”. They may enter and search any premises, with force if needed, upon “reasonable suspicion” that such materials are present.
So if you’ve already been convicted of blasphemy, you better hold on tight to that copy of God is Not Great
Atheists, of course, aren't the only ones affected - Christians, Jews, Muslims, pagans, anybody who offends the religious sensibilities of anyone else can get the whammy.  I'll bet that will come as news to some supporters of said law. 

Atheist Ireland's campaigning for a Secular Irish Constitution.  They want to rid Ireland of the scourge of this silly law the way St. Paddy rid the isle of snakes - well, maybe not quite the same way, but you get my point.  The law must go.  And they could use some kind assistance:
The blasphemy law is the final straw. We now need a secular Irish Constitution. We will soon be holding public meetings around the country to shape this campaign for equality for and by all Irish citizens, of any or no religious beliefs. But we will be much more likely to succeed if we have national and international support.
Here are three ways that you can help:
  • One, please send us a message of support. Just a few lines will do. We want to be able to show that there is a wide support for these ideals.
  • Two, please let us know if you would like to get actively involved in any way. You are more than welcome to help shape how this project evolves.
  • Three, in whatever way you can, please help to lobby Irish politicians at national and international level to implement these policies.
This will be a lengthy campaign, but a very worthwhile one that you can be proud to have played your part in. We look forward to working alongside you to build an ethical and secular Ireland.
A few lines of support is easy enough for us outside the isle to manage, I should think.  Head on over and show them some love.

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Chris Rhetts said...

You might inform your readers that Ireland ranks the highest of all OECD countries in terms of attracting foreign trained doctors. From 2000 to 2007, 92% of the net increase in the number of practicing doctors in Ireland was accounted for by foreign trained individuals. This, despite the fact that doctor renumeration in Ireland is relatively low compared to other countries. I can't see how socially regressive laws like this one can possibly make attracting foreign professionals any easier...