01 October, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

Yesterday, we learned that Texas - Texas, mind you - schools had finally faced up to facts and admitted that abstinence only education is total bullshit.  Today, the merry band of fuckwits on the Senate Finance Committee approved an amendment for - you guessed it - abstinence only education.


When they're not busy adding useless amendments guaranteed to keep our teens barefoot, pregnant, and crawling with STDs, the Cons are busy howling about that awful Dem Rep. Grayson, who said that the Con's plan for health care reform was, basically, "Die quickly."  They're out for his blood, rather forgetting one small fact: they said it first.

Not that hypocrisy ever matters to these fuckwits.  But let's not lose sight of the other important fact: while they were lying, Grayson was doing no more than speaking the unvarnished truth.

Moving on to the other bunch of hypocrites, i.e. the insurance companies, here's a good post on why the insurance industry loves them some tort reform.  Hint: doctors don't save jack diddly shit on their malpractice premiums when tort's reformed.  What a surprise, eh?

The fact that insurance companies' stocks rose when the public option got its arse kicked in the Senate Finance Committee should be a clue to the clueless: ain't the public that's going to benefit by defeating the public option.

Oh, and despite what they seem to think -  the public option ain't dead yet:

* Kate Pickert on why the public option still isn’t dead.

I'd say it's not dead, Jim.

And the vast majority of Maine voters want Olympia Snowe to kick the GOP to the curb.  That might help clarify her thinking a bit.  Hell, we may even be able to get by with a Dem trying to pull the dumbshit stunt of filibustering with the Cons, but we should still demand the names of those traitorous fuckheads.

And, finally, when you're enjoying your Columbus Day weekend, remember that the Senate won't be - Harry Reid canceled their recess to make them work on health care.  Good for him.

A little more suffering from those spoiled brats who are mucking up the works, and it's possible we'll get a decent result.


Cujo359 said...

The Kate Pickert link doesn't work. It goes to an article on Alan Grayson. There second last link doesn't work, either. There's an "http://www.blogger.com/" string prepended to the actual URL.

Dana Hunter said...

Greg Sargent fixed the first, I got the second. Thanks!