02 April, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

Way to go, Cons:
Last week, Senate Republicans, led by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), blocked an extension of unemployment benefits, claiming that they objected to granting the extension without offsetting it with a spending cut elsewhere. Last month, Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) and a handful of his Republican allies did the same thing, with Bunning telling Democrats who wanted to pass an extension by unanimous consent “tough sh*t.”

But it wasn’t only unemployment benefits that expired: the same package that the Republicans blocked also included extenders for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). And the critical nature of NFIP was brought into the spotlight this week, as many northeastern states have been battered with record amounts of rainfall, which has led to widespread flooding. 
You know, I'm not surprised.  These fucktards have a tough time with the idea of thinking ahead and realizing there are consequences for their actions.  But letting flood insurance expire in the name of blind fucking obstructionism, and then having the skies open as they haven't opened nearly since the founding of the Republic, well, that's gonna be a little hard to explain to the homeowners whose flood insurance just lapsed.

Of course, they're going to try to blame Dems, but I'm afraid that's not going to be as easy as it used to be.  After the health care reform victory, I've noticed Dems getting a little more sassy on firing back on Con rhetoric.  Let's hope that backbone keeps growing.

In other dumbfuck news, if you're in need of a good urologist in Orlando, don't go to this dumbshit.  No, not even if you're a Republican.  A man stupid enough to post that sign shouldn't be allowed within shouting distance of your pee-pee.

Rex Rammell, who somehow believes he's qualified to be the governor of Idaho, thinks militias "showing a little force" is an awesome idea.  Yes, this is the same schmuck who thought appropriate humor includes talking about tagging and hunting the President of the United States.

And the perfect Tea Party candidate gets $200,000 in government subsidies each year.  There's just something a little wrong with screaming about your tax burden and government redistribution of wealth when you're living off the federal teat, y'know?

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