28 April, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

So much stupidity... so little time.

Lessee... we have my old home state acting the complete wingnut fools.  A lot has been written, but Jon Stewart covered it all:

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Arizona is beautiful, it overflows with natural wonders, and it has some great people in it, many of whom now will have to carry around proof of citizenship because their skin isn't Day-Glo white.  I'm boycotting my own damned state.  Won't be going to see my parents, won't be buying anything from it, won't be praising it as a fine tourist destination, until the fucktards in the State House come to their senses and repeal their little Gestapo-fantasy bill.  And I'm going to laugh as the state bankrupts itself trying to fend off lawsuit after lawsuit while bleeding tourists.  I mean, seriously.  Do you know how many foreign people go through there every year to eyeball the Grand Canyon and other assorted wonders?  Millions of 'em.  And do you know how many are likely to come through now that they know they could be snatched off the street and thrown in jail because they've been caught displaying a foreign accent in public?  Yeah.

Way to fucking go, AZ.  Good fucking move.  Very impressive.  I knew the state had a lot of stupid people in it, but I didn't realize just how extreme the dumbfuckery had gotten.  I mean, you've almost made Virginia look sensible, and they're currently trying to make sure people can get roaring drunk in public while carrying firearms.

Holy shit.

Elsewhere, the RNC is wagging its bare buttocks at the federal law against fake-census materials and continuing to send out the fake-census mailers which inspired said law, all the while whining that it's the Dems' fault they're doing it.  Really.  And if the Dems wrote a law against everyone at the RNC committing mass suicide, but forgot to specify that includes holding guns to each others' heads and pulling the trigger simultaneously, I suppose they'd be compelled to do that, too. 

Meanwhile, Ben Nelson is throwing a screaming fit because Chris Dodd won't give him everything he's ever wanted in the financial reform bill.  Neither Dodd nor Harry Reid are impressed.  And Harry's on a tear, gleefully scheduling vote after vote to ensure the Cons end up on the record repeatedly opposing Wall Street reform.  Somebody's learned to play hardball.  Too bad he didn't do it on health care reform, but hey, better late than never.  Cons are cracking.  And while Dems (all except Bawling Ben Nelson) enjoy themselves immensely on both this win-win situation and the imminent battle over immigration reform, Lindsey Graham joins Bawling Ben by sniveling that he won't play with his very own climate change bill ever again unless those mean nasty Dems promise not to do immigration reform at all.  Something tells me he won't get what he wants any more than Bawling Ben just did.

It's nice to see Dems show a bit of spunk and spine.  Let's hope this happy state of affairs continues.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go lay in a supply of popcorn and soda for the upcoming beatdown Arizona's about to get from the courts.  Should be quite the fucking show.


Cujo359 said...

I'm boycotting my own damned state.

It's sad that you feel that way about the place you came from, but it's certainly understandable. Hopefully, Arizona will come to its senses if enough people are willing to stand up as you have.

Cujo359 said...

BTW, did you see this? Looks like there are at least a few organizations that are boycotting Arizona.