26 April, 2010

My Night

My darlings, I promise, a nice bit o' political yawping soon, complete with the spanking of assorted deserving bottoms and plenty to titter at, but tonight I'm trying to finish a bit o' a scene that's got me stuck.

So far, in order to avoid accomplish this, I have stared at the scene, twiddled a couple of words in it, moved some research notes from one place to another, and then took a walk in the rain, in the dark, to fondle leaves.  And that was delightful.  Things smelled pretty, and it's just a little bit of magic, going outside in the rainy dark to walk in a character's shoes.  I touched a great many leaves on trees, brought some home with me, and then promptly got to work... tracking down the classical music piece that was very briefly played in Mr. Holland's Opus and was filched for Angelzoom for the song "Lights."  It's "Sleepers Awake" by Bach, if you're curious.  Many thanks to All Experts.

But really, seriously, I'm going to work on this scene any moment now.  Just that little bit, touching an alien leaf, and then I must get on with the really hard work of sketching out the rest in its entirety, complete with long windy background pieces on art and architecture and so forth, because damn it, I want to get it right.  It's the first trip offworld for Dusty.  It's important - no, not just that, essential.

And so kicking pollyticians in the arse shall have to wait for tomorrow.  In the meantime, if you haven't seen Ang Lee's The Wedding Banquet, I do recommend it.  And Mr. Holland's Opus, for that matter.

Now it's off for some more avoidance before I write the bits that need to be written...

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Nicole said...

It's always interesting what writers need to do in order to write.