13 April, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

Can someone please, please, for the sake of this country, put a tube of Superglue in Rush Limbaugh's cigar and make sure he bites down hard on it?  Of course that's only a temporary solution, but at least it would, for a blessed moment, keep him from saying dumbfuck shit like this:
Last Friday, Rush Limbaugh asked why a coal miner union didn’t protect the 29 miners who were killed when Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch Mine in Montcoal, WV, exploded under unsafe conditions:
Was there no union responsibility for improving mine safety? Where was the union here? Where was the union? The union is generally holding these companies up demanding all kinds of safety. Why were these miners continuing to work in what apparently was an unsafe atmosphere?

Um... maybe because, I dunno, a possible reason could be that the fucking mine wasn't unionized?
In fact, the United Mine Workers of America (UMW) “tried three times to organize the Upper Big Branch mine, but even with getting nearly 70 percent of workers to sign cards saying they wanted to vote for a union, Blankenship personally met with workers to threaten them with closing down the mine and losing their jobs if they voted for a union.” 
So, Rushbo, the next time you try to demonize unions, maybe it might be a good idea to, y'know, make sure there's a fucking union present to demonize.  Just a thought.

In additional dumbfuckery, I hope Virginia's very proud of itself.  Not only did they elect a dumbshit intent on stripping protections against discrimination away from gays, not only did they elect a governor who thinks slavery isn't a significant part of Virginia's history, but now Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dweeb have decided that if a Virginian gets busted for a non-violent felony and can't write an essay, they should lose their voting rights pretty much permanently:

McDonnell wants to change the process by which non-violent felons apply to have their voting rights restored, the Washington Post reported over the weekend. Whereas before, applicants had had to fill out a one-page form, making the process almost automatic, they now will have to submit an essay outlining their contributions to society since their release.

Advocates for the poor say this will result in far fewer people having their rights restored. Kent Willis, an ACLU official in Virginia called the essay requirement "a nearly insurmountable obstacle'' for people with a limited education. And he added that many felons would be intimidated, reducing the number of applicants.

Mr. McDonnell.  The country tried shit like this back in the day when black people couldn't sit at lunch counters.  It's not allowed in this day and age.

Tell you what, though.  You can force former potheads to sit a mini-SAT to get their rights back if we can institute a simple test for all other voters.  They'd have to define political ideologies like socialism.  Correctly define, mind you.  That way, we can balance out any losses from the probably-Democratic poor voters with losses from the Teabaggers, who have no fucking idea what socialism really is.  How's that sound?  Fair enough, right?

Oh, and speaking of segregation, it appears some parts of the deep South still don't understand what century they're living in:
Today, a federal court ordered a county in Walthall County in Mississippi to “stop segregating its schools by grouping African American students into all-black classrooms and allowing white students to transfer to the county’s only majority-white school.” From the Justice Department’s press release
“More than 55 years after Brown v. Board of Education, it is unacceptable for school districts to act in a way that encourages or tolerates the resegregation of public schools,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “We will take action so that school districts subject to federal desegregation orders comply with their obligation to eliminate vestiges of separate black and white schools.”

But remember, kiddies, we're living in a post-racial society and there's no more racism anywhere in the entire country because we managed to elect a black man President.  Never mind the fact that the presence of a black Democrat in the Oval Office has unhinged very nearly the entire right wing so badly that even lawmakers are ganging up with the Teabaggers to form militias.

Sing with me now, my fellow Americans: My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of dumbfuckery...

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Facts are of little use in Rush's world.