12 April, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

The Cons' idea of health care reform, my darlings, consists of the following:

1.  Repeal existing health care reform:
Republican officials still haven't quite figured out what they want to say about repealing the new Affordable Care Act -- a surprising number of Republicans aren't willing to commit to scrapping the entire law -- but the party's House leader nevertheless described the push as the GOP's top legislative priority.


DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) called Boehner's comments "stunning."
"It is stunning that House Republicans will make their number one priority repealing benefits and rights for Americans, raising taxes, and turning our health care system back over to insurance companies. Not only does this legislation improve our health care system, it will also reduce the deficit by more than $1 trillion over 20 years, create millions of jobs, and provide small business owners with important tax credits. The House Republican leadership should start saying no to the special interests of the health insurance industry, and starting saying yes to American families by working with us to create jobs and get the economy back on track."
2.  Replace reform with the barter system - or possibly haggling, Cons are unclear on the concept:
Once in a great while, we get a peek at Republicans' health care ideals, but rarely do we see them articulated as candidly as Sue Lowden described them last week.

Lowden is a former state senator and chair of the Nevada Republican Party. She's also, according to nearly every recent poll, the favorite to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) in November. Lowden is not, as one might imagine, a supporter of recent improvements to the broken health care system, and she was asked at a candidate forum the kind of policies she'd prefer to see. Among her proposals:
"...I would have suggested, and I think that bartering is really good. Those doctors who you pay cash, you can barter, and that would get prices down in a hurry. And I would say go out, go ahead out and pay cash for whatever your medical needs are, and go ahead and barter with your doctor."
3.  Tell all those freeloaders with pre-existing conditions to just suck it up and fuggedabout the insurance:
GOP Rep Roy Blunt, in a video being circulated by the DSCC, appears to come out against insuring adults with pre-existing conditions, on the grounds that it would give people “every incentive” not to get insurance until they absolutely have to.

Dems point out that this is, as it happens, a pretty good argument in favor of the individual mandate.
This is their thinking.  This is what they've come up with after over a year of considering health care reform.  This is what they're promising us if they get a majority.

The fact that anyone in the universe takes these fucktards seriously just astounds me.

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