02 April, 2010

Quote o' the Day

Ophelia Bennett says all there really is to say in response to the Catholic Church's ongoing campaign to paint themselves as the real victims in all these rape and abuse scandals they so happily covered up for so long:
It's - it's - it exhausts my capacity to revile it. The self-pity, the world-blotting egocentrism, the blank inability to grasp the misery of people outside their own circle, the moral imbecility - I lack the words to express my disgust.
Luckily, she and all of the others who understand that it's wrong to torment little boys and girls and then protect the tormentors from the law are still searching for those words.  The Catholic Church can't be given a free pass simply because what they've done is so horrifying, what they continue to do is so outrageous, that words can only sketch our disgust and anger.

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John Pieret said...

Ophelia Bennett ...


I don't often agree with her but on this point she is 100% correct. The Catholic hierarchy and its apologists are shooting themselves in their velvet-shod feet.