11 April, 2010

A Masterful Summation of the Week's Dumbfuckery

George has the roundup, complete with commentary.  He's hit very nearly every story I'd thought of highlighting.  It's too bad he's busy with his own blog, or I'd hire him on to do this one.

When you're done with the weekly dumbfuckery, don't forget to watch George give a Church of Christ cretinist a sound intellectual thrashing.  Here's the bit I'm going to memorize for future debates with various and sundry IDiots:
Macro- versus micro-evolution?  Seriously?  Let me ask you; don’t millions of small steps add up to a long journey?
And this, from his notes:
Say; “Prove it!” to evolutionists! (But won’t accept any evidence as proof.  And anyway, proof is a mathematical concept; science deals in probabilities)
Which gave me a bit of a brainwave.  Such as saying, "Okay, fine, I'll prove evolution - after you prove you're X," in which X = any attribute of the person in front of me such as tall, dressed, or suchlike, and during which I won't accept any evidence presented, no matter how obvious it is.  That could lead to hours of cheap entertainment, at least until the IDiots snatch their toys and run sniveling home to mommy.

George sometimes flatters me with comments regarding the sagacity and wit of my writing, but I have to tell you the truth, my darlings: if blogging were a car, George would get shotgun.  I'm definitely a backseat sort of blogger, compared to him.

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