11 April, 2010

It's the Apocralypse

Back in my day, all you could get was Hello Kitty erasers, stationary sets, backpacks, that sort o' thing.  And it was just for the kiddies.  It all made sense.  It was just as it should be: sweet and innocent and totally kitschy.

This is just wrong:

This is a horrible thing to do to wine.  And of course, Stephen Colbert has an idea where this trend could be going next:

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Forget pale horses.  This, my friends, is the harbinger of the end.  Next thing you know, there'll be Strawberry Shortcake condoms and Power Rangers butt plugs.  Every damned fad is destined to be resurrected as something adults-only, because apparently companies are too lazy to come up with original adult fads. 

And thus continues the infantalizing of America.


Efrique said...

I take it you've never seen the "Hello Kitty" vibrators then?

Cujo359 said...

Never underestimate the power of marketing to diminish our expectations. It's possible that the label is the best thing that these wines have to offer.

Efrique said...

I should add that some of the marketing push behind child-inapproriate hello kitty merchandise (and a few other such characters) is because of Japanese cultural sensibilities, not American ones.