02 August, 2010

Wither Geology?

I hadn't perused Scientopia's categories until a brushfire broke out on Twitter regarding the absence of geoblogging there.  So I looked.  Sure enough, no geology.

That's just not right.

Look, I know biology and chemistry and physics are all shiny and exciting, but so is geology, damn it!  One of the things that always annoyed me about ScienceBlogs was the dearth of geoblogging.  That irritation looks set to carry over to Scientopia.

So I have just one message for them:

Want moar geology!

Networks and collectives that cover a wide range of science gives layfolk like me the chance to stumble across blogs we never otherwise would have known existed.  Do you think I would have ever found Highly Allochthonous had it not been for their stint on ScienceBlogs?  Highly doubtful!  Especially considering I didn't visit them for a bit even there because I had no idea what "allochthonous" meant.  But the beauty of a collective is that intriguing posts get splashed on the front page, and lightbulbs light up for ignorant idiots like me.  For those of us wanting to find geobloggers but having no idea where to look for trustworthy ones, it gives us a key to the kingdom.  For those of us who (gasp!) didn't actually like geology, it gives us a chance to fall in love with a totally awesome branch of science.

So, Scientopia: go forth and dig up some geologists!

*Update: Scientopia's already been taken to the woodshed, and it appears they're having trouble finding geobloggers.  So, if you're a geologist: volunteer, damn it!


Lockwood said...

I don't think I've seen your blog before, but welcome to the Geoblogosphere. Ron Schott picked up some of your posts in his Shared items. Some other quick links that may help you find other geoblogs are the most recent edition of the Accretionary Wedge, and here's the AW's homepage, where you can see past editions of the geoblogosphere's carnival, along with announcements about upcoming editions. Chris Rowan's Allgeo feed also aggregates a buch of geoblog stuff. That should get you started; I'll go ahead and plug my own blog as well, Outside the Interzone, but I don't stick to geology by a long stretch. We're a pretty welcoming bunch, and if you visit around and leave some comments, I think you'll find we're all happy to stop in and say "hi!"

Bob O'H said...

Yeah, it would be nice to have some geo-bloggers, but keep watching - GrrlScientist took some stunning photos of the minerals on display in the Senckenberg museum, so I'm sure they'll pop up soon.