13 December, 2010

Handy Reference Guide to Biblical Rape Laws

For those who like to take their religion literally, here's an easy-to-use reference guide:

Lessee... had we been following those guidelines, I do believe I would've been married.  Believe me when I say that given the choice between that and stoning, I would have been handing out rocks.

This is one of the reasons I despise fundamentalists.  They don't think the world has changed since Bronze Age goatherders went on a killing spree.  Oh, some of them say Jesus came and gave us a new, kinder law - then try to tell us the Ten Commandments et al are still in force.  And they somehow conveniently forget the violent bits of the New Testament when telling us how wonderful and gentle Jesus was.  And they enjoy endorsing Paul's misogynistic bullshit far too much.

Building a modern civilization on Biblical foundations makes about as much sense as licensing only psychopaths as child care providers.

(Tip o' the shot glass to whoever posted this on Twitter.  Alas, I cannot remember who it was!)

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Paul Havlak said...

A gap in the flowchart is what happens if your husband was the rapist.