27 December, 2010

Some Beautiful Bits

It's the Monday after a holiday, and we all know what that means: bleh.  So I figured you could all use a little beauty in your lives.

Back in November, Jessica Ball at Magma Cum Laude had a lovely post up on the Eternal Flame Waterfall. Our own George W. recently sent me this Earth Science Picture of the Day, giving us another view of that gorgeous, unique fall:

How awesome is that, right? 

Here's another something awesome - Brian Romans got a glorious view of Niagara Falls on Christmas Eve:

Of course, there's a lot of hydrology in the way of the geology, there.  Callan Bentley found some shots taken in a brief time when that wasn't an issue:

How cool is that?  More here.

Right, then.  Now you're fortified with some beautiful things.  Now you can go forth and conquer the universe - or at least, have another caffeinated beverage. 

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Silver Fox said...

Definitely going with more caffeination.