16 December, 2010

Twelve Months of Verdad (2010)

Oh, dear.  End-o'-year memes.  Silver Fox has got one, and tagged each and every one of us, so here we go:
The rules for this meme are simple, as explained by DrugMonkey: Post the link and first sentence from the first blog entry for each month of the past year.
Without further ado, then, I present: Twelve months o' Verdad.

It's 2010!


I have a confession to make.  
I have come to this realization after filling in a few blank spots leading up to a few things in my narrative outline, and contemplating the deeply emotional reaction of X-Files fans to that bit in the movie where Mulder and Scully almost kiss after several seasons' worth of sexual tension, only to be interrupted by a very bad bee.
Join me after the jump for further details on my conversion.
Oh, yes.  
Aunty Flow is here, and has been pestering me with chronic cramps all day, which means I don't have the energy to wield the Smack-o-Matic on some politician's deserving derriere.  
Apologies for the lack of beating up dumbfucks lately.  
When we went to Arizona last year, my intrepid companion and I crossed Hoover Dam.

I don't know whether to thank the Cons or scream:
I have to go to bed early so that I'm nice and fresh for fending off used car salesmen in the morning.

A Bloodbath, Not a Massacre
Because if it was a massacre, Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell would've ended up added to our list of national embarrassments. 


Today in the Dojo: Why the willing suspension of disbelief and the factual facts depend utterly upon each other.
 Right, then.  There it is.  And you can bet I'll be working on snappy first lines in the new year, because this was rather a bit embarrassing.

If you're up to the task of posting your last twelve, consider yourself tagged.

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