23 July, 2011

Cantina Collage o' the Week: Juanita Bay Flowers

I haven't restocked on quotes yet, so we'll make do with collages.  Horrible torture, I know: I'm making you look at pretty things.

These are some of the many flowers I made friends with when my intrepid companion and I went to Juanita Bay in May, which adventure I meant to write up and completely forgot about.

You'll notice Pacific Bleeding Heart in the bottom right, there.  I'd thought it was something they planted, so I'd forgotten all about it.  Funny how we get so much more excited when we know they're wild.  At least, I do.

The purple ones against a blue sky in the bottom center were on a tree.  A huge tree.  A huge tree absolutely covered in purple flowers:

And from another angle in which you can see the flowers a bit better:

If anybody knows what it is, I'd count it a kindness if you let me know.

I'll write up that adventure here eventually - just wait till you see the turtles!


Suzanne said...

such wonderful colors

Atheanon said...

The tree it most resembles to me is this, http://www.invasive.org/browse/subinfo.cfm?sub=2426 princesstree
Paulownia tomentosa. I don't know if it could survive that far north though. The branches arch in a different way from the picture, but growing conditions might explain the difference. Its flowers are purple and white and quite fragrant. Would be a poor choice for a shade tree near a bench though, they have hollow centered, rot prone limbs and trunks. Hard to identify without a closeup of leaves and flowers.