18 July, 2011

Yeah, This Is Me With A Ginormous Glacial Erratic

This big beauty got dropped off near Lynnwood after hitching a ride on the Cordilleran ice sheet.  Look upon her and salivate:

Yes.  That is me, sitting on a convenient little niche in this maclargehuge boulder.  I'm 5'6", for scale.  And yes, I'm sitting comfortably.

See?  Perfectly comfy.  Of course, from certain angles...

Now, those pictures are from its craggy side, and it makes the thing look kinda small.  It's not kinda small.  It's actually massive:

I dare any geologist to resist doing the Vanna thing when they've got a subject like this:

I've got some very nice close-up shots of this beauty I'll share later.  The temptation to post this immediately proved overwhelming.

And everybody say thankees to my intrepid companion for doing the photographer thing so you guys could have moi for scale.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Reminds me of the rock in the Columbia River gorge between Washington and Oregon.

Dan McShane said...

Yet another geo blogger begans acting erratically. And I love the word ginormous