08 January, 2009

At Least It's Not Snow...

Road damage at Blewett Pass. Photo/Washington State Dept. of Transportation / Seattle PI Photo Gallery

I'm listening to our creek trying its best to imitate the White Salmon River rapids. Western Washington's experiencing historic flooding due to a tropical storm. This could mean another unplanned day off for Dana, depending on how storm drain clearing went this year. Last year, the city kinda sorta didn't clear the drains all the way, and our entire business park kinda sorta flooded to the point where the police came knocking on the call center doors to tell everyone to flee.

I should be doing something substantial with my time, but after the emotional wringer of the past few days, I'm just kicking back with photos of flooding. And hoping like hell our little creek doesn't decide to go all river on us and jump the banks, whereupon kitteh and I would be joining the 30,000 folks already evacuated. Did you know they actually had to close the I5 because a river ran through it? I find that rather fascinating. In Arizona, we usually just closed freeways because a wildfire was playing the chicken who crossed the road.

As long as you're not trapped or homeless because of flooding, it's like snow: pretty to look at from a distance.

Snoqualmie Falls thunders with floodwaters near Snoqualmie, Wash. Joshua Trujillo/Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Wild, wild stuff. As one of my muy poderoso characters once said, "The power of Nature to create and destroy is far beyond any paltry ability I could aspire to."

This avalanche covered I-90 westbound just west of Snoqualmie Summit. Photo/Washington State Dept. of Transportation


george.w said...

I've ridden through Blewett Pass on my bicycle, many years ago. Wow.

Cujo359 said...

Seems like we just got through fixing the bridges after the last round of floods, and here we are again.

Winter in the Northwest - a good season to be somewhere else.

Allen said...

Jeez, the Sound is pretty much cut off by road except for 101. Glad I moved to sunny Orygun.