03 January, 2009

Ha! Proof!

I've always said that black metal was modern-day classical music. The complexity and richness of it matches the greatest works of Beethoven and Mozart. Once you've gotten over the shell-shock of the death-grunt vocals and the double-bass, the beauty and sophistication of it becomes gloriously clear.

And now I have proof that these genres go together like wine and chocolate:

Meet one of my new discoveries, a band named Haggard. Their total awesomeness can't be comprehended unless, like me, you love Dimmu Borgir and Rachmaninoff equally. Most black/death/doom metal bands haul around synthesizers to get their classical elements going. Haggard wins my adoration for hauling around actual classical instruments.

They prove that classical melodies and death grunts go quite well together. Have a listen:

I'm loving them. Where have they been all my life?

As you lot are my witnesses, if Chaos Lee tells me he's known about Haggard all along but never introduced me, I shall beat him soundly with a cello.

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