07 January, 2009

John Bolton Proves He's an Ignorant Fucktard

Well, actually, he proves it every moment of every day, but this time he opened his ignorant, war-mongering gob in front of the wrong damned person:
I've had this incredible video of John Bolton getting grilled on the BBC over the Iraq war sitting on my servers for a while now and after the holiday I was quickly reminded of it by his new article with John Yoo. He flails away about how bad Saddam was in the past and how he should have been removed in 1991, which led to this response:
John, my relatives are Sunni, Christian and Shi'ite. They've been living under Saddam's dictatorship for thirty years. I've lost more relatives in the last four years, than under 30 years of Saddam. So, I don't think that you can tell me how dangerous Saddam's dictatorship was.

Of course, John Bolton is too stupid to realize when he's been pwnd. This cartoon may explain why, despite being set down so hard he should have ended up one micrometer tall, we're still being subjected to his endless fucking bullshit:

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