09 January, 2009

Ye Olde Con Refrain: Tax Cuts and Bombs

Or bombs and tax cuts. Or maybe tax cut bombs!

This seems to be the full extent of neocon "policy." It's actually getting boring. Every time they open their yaps, they're screaming for more tax cuts and more bombs.

It's getting a little out of hand:

Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow and prominent neoconservative Max Boot has surfaced on Foreign Policy magazine’s website this week, bemoaning the unpopularity of the Bush Doctrine despite its disastrous results in Iraq.

Taking advantage of hindsight, Boot says that if only the world had taken seriously warnings about Hitler’s Germany and later al Qaeda, the catastrophes that they created could have been avoided. Boot then refers to two bipartisan congressional reports that have issued stern warnings regarding terrorist and nuclear threats from Iran and Pakistan. Claiming that diplomacy is failing in Iran and the “current approach” in Pakistan’s tribal areas is not working, Boot concludes that only one option remains — attack:

For all the empty talk of “tough diplomacy,” the uncomfortable reality is that there is only one option that in the short term is likely to forestall Iran from going nuclear: airstrikes on its atomic installations. […]

“Preemption lite” — the current approach of picking off terrorist leaders [in Pakistan] with armed Predator drones — can help to weaken and slow the jihadists, but it can hardly defeat them. That would, in all likelihood, require an invasion of western Pakistan, perhaps accompanied by preemptive airstrikes on Pakistan’s nuclear installations.

I swear it's getting to the point where they're going to demand we nuke Switzerland because you just can't trust a supposedly neutral country that manufactures Swiss Army knives.

The Republican response to [Obama's economic stimulus] speech this morning was instructive. They agreed to work with the president on a stimulus as long as it isn't as big as it needs to be, as long as it consists of more tax cuts than spending, and as long as those tax cuts don't just go to the middle class and poor but are also more tilted to business and wealthy investors.
I have the song "Broken Record" running through my head. I can't imagine why.

Update: LMAO. I know this is tongue-in-cheek, but it turns the theme of this post inside-out in the funniest possible way.

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