03 August, 2009

Dr. Bob Sears Is an Ignorant Idiot

Being a parent is hard enough. Parents and parents-to-be don't need ignoramuses like Dr. Bob Sears scaring the shit out of them for no reason. Unfortunately, Dr. Bob has written a book that makes suckers of the unwary concerned parent. Fortunately, Orac's on the case:
You may remember a couple of months ago, I took Dr. Bob Sears to task. Dr. Bob, as you may recall, wrote a book that has become the bane of pediatricians everywhere, namely The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child. In this book, Dr. Bob, while oh-so-piously proclaiming that he is "not anti-vaccine," lays down in his discussion of childhood vaccines a credulous treatment of many anti-vaccine canards in a sort of "I don't believe vaccines cause autism, but..." sort of fashion. When last we saw him on this blog, Dr. Sears had decided to let his anti-vaccine freak flag high and utterly destroy any vestige of medical or scientific credibility that he had by actually writing a post for that bastion of anti-vaccine propaganda, that fully owned subsidiary of Generation Rescue, namely Age of Autism.


Pediatrician and skeptic Dr. John Snyder has actually read Dr. Sears' book. In response, he's written the most comprehensive takedown of The Vaccine Book that I've ever seen. Read it; learn from it; love it; send it to your pediatrician; send it to any parents who think that Dr. Sears has a clue what he's talking about.
Comprehensive it is. I spent a good portion of this evening reading it, and I would now like to paste copies of it inside every copy of Dr. Bob's noxious little book. Since that's impossible, I figured I'd put this up as a public service announcement for those of you who have young children or have them on the way.

There's a lot of woo out there, folks. And most of it likes to pretend it's got science backing it. Read your Respectful Insolence and your Science-Based Medicine, though, and you shouldn't come down with a terminal case of woo.


NP said...

I respect the decisions of the parents who believe that the side effects of vaccines outweigh their benefits.


Vaccines are there to protect my child from certain illnesses. Why would I not want to protect my child?

Hubby and I will be vaccinating Bean according to the standard recommended schedule.

Momof2 said...

What I really don't like about Dr. Sears is how a man can take the very definition of child rearing, re-name it "attachment parenting" and become the self appointed guru to ignorant, jump on the band wagon parents everywhere.