02 August, 2009

Give King Ben Something to Cry About

You remember Sen. Ben Nelson's petulant little threat to kill off health care reform if people didn't stop being mean to him, right? Here's the delicious follow-up from the folks who've been running the ads he's whining about:
The PCCC relies:

"Ben Nelson just called a Nebraska small businessman whose health insurance went up 42% an out-of-state special interest, while never disputing that he is bought and paid for by health and insurance interests who gave him millions to vote against his own constituents. If Ben Nelson stands behinds his spokesman's words, he just proved himself a fundamentally corrupt and out-of-touch politician who feels perfectly comfortable lying to his constituents and going to bat for private insurers who fear competition and want to rip off the people of Nebraska."

"We will be increasing our Nebraska ad buy on Monday morning."

Sidenote: 83% of Nelson's health and insurance industry contributions are from out of state.

If you care to contribute to this worthy effort, you can go here.

Ben Nelson is threatening to stamp his little feet and hold his breath until he turns blue unless these awful people stop pointing out that he's a corporate lackey and an egomaniacal jackass --- thus proving that he is a corporate lackey, an egomaniacal jackass and a silly, silly man.

Let's give Ben Nelson something to cry about.
Let us indeed.

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