07 August, 2009

None Dare Call it Treason

The Cons loved to accuse Dems of being traitorous America-haters when they said the least little critical thing about Bush. Apparently, though, it's perfectly okay in their eyes for a Con senator to trash-talk the President and subvert his foreign policy when traveling abroad:
President Obama has made clear that, as part of his plan to achieve a resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Israelis should cease creating or expanding settlements in the West Bank (a position that has been official U.S. policy since 1967). Israeli officials have expressed displeasure with this demand and last Sunday, Israeli police evicted two Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem so a Jewish family could move in. The U.N., the U.S., and many E.U. states strongly condemned the evictions. However, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and many of his GOP colleagues are in Israel this week undermining U.S. policy by not only offering support for Israeli settlement expansion but for the East Jerusalem evictions specifically:

Cantor said that instead of focusing on issues such as Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank, Obama should concentrate on “the primary issue of import … and that is the existential threat that Iran poses not only to the state of Israel but to the United States.” [...]

Cantor and others supported Israel’s handling of the eviction of two Arab families from a house in east Jerusalem earlier this week, a move criticized by the European Union and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t think we, in America, would want another country telling us how to implement and execute our laws,” Cantor said.

It’s not just the Obama administration that wants a settlement freeze, the Israelis themselves committed to one in the Bush administration’s 2003 Road Map.
And here's what Cantor finds so admirable about Israeli behavior:

A spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) described exactly what Cantor and his colleagues are supporting:

The families, evicted in the early hours of Sunday from the homes where they have lived for more than half a century, continue to suffer distress and shock. The children are particularly traumatised. The lasting humanitarian impact on the 53 people directly affected including 20 minors cannot be over-estimated. Seeing settlers being escorted into the houses in which some family members were born, was particularly distressing for these refugees.

Not only were they surrounded by Israeli police and security personnel at dawn, their homes broken into and their families thrown onto the streets, they have had to endure the indignity and humiliation of their personal effects being loaded onto trucks and dumped in scrub land at the edge of Jerusalem’s Route One.

So, not only is he a subversive piece of shit, he's a morally-bankrupt fucktard. But then, we already knew that, didn't we?


Chris said...

If you haven't been there already, go to alnakba.org

Anonymous said...

Don't you love those Judeo-Christian values.

I quit Christianity. It had nothing to do with Christ.