03 October, 2009

A Tale of Two Chalks

In Illinois, an atheist sees Christian messages chalked into the sidewalk, and preserves them for posterity, celebrating the glories of free speech while disagreeing with the message:
There’s a tradition on our campus that I like a lot: people can write on the sidewalks in chalk, telling about events or promoting a point of view.  I will always defend this freedom, even if I disagree with the ideas being expressed.  As is the case with this example, part of a chalk-writing blitz from the Neuman Catholic center next to campus:

Oh, the basic sentiment is nice enough; it’s the unexamined corollaries that piss me off.  For starters, the assumptions made about atheists by the chalk artist.  And you know what they say about assuming…
With that in mind, let us turn now to the Christian reaction to atheist chalks:
When they tried to do the common campus practice of chalking — putting messages on the sidewalks to let students know what they were up to — they got an unfortunate response.
"While we were chalking somebody dumped water on what we were chalking, somebody spat at us," Sloan said. "But really, overall, most people were polite."
At approximately 6 p.m., AAA finished their chalking, Sloan said. By midnight, all the chalking had been erased and scrubbed clean by what appeared to be an organization's effort.
Note that there were other groups, Christian groups, that were chalking at the same time, and that the atheists were writing inoffensive messages like "You can be good without god" and suggestions to look them up on facebook.
Perhaps any Christians in the cantina thinking this is right and good and proper can explain why they shouldn't show the same respect for atheists that atheists showed to them.  I seem to remember some guy with a name starting with J who used to yammer about turning the other cheek and doing unto others, but apparently it's not the same bloke these intolerant gits follow.

Pretty pathetic that their religion's so weak that they believe a few chalked messages can destroy it, innit?

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Anonymous said...

They are trying to erase their own doubts.