04 October, 2009

Happy Hour Discurso

Today's opining on the public discourse.

Not that I want to do this to you all, but today's Happy Hour is going to be more of a linkfest than anything else.  It may not seem like cut, paste and snark is all that time-consuming, but it takes longer than you think, and I've got writing to do.  At least you'll have plenty of links to keep you occupied, eh?

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Right, then.  On with it.

Cons are still celebrating Olympic defeat.  They've moved beyond mere cheering into personal insults, now.  Pathetic.

There's plenty of possible reasons why we missed out on hosting the Olympics.  Here's another: Mittens and the Mormons turning things into a corruption-fest the last time we hosted.  Are we noticing a wee bit o' a right-wing pattern here?  I think so.

On the economic front, there's plenty of stimulus stupidity going round.  Bobby Jindal fucked over his state to the tune of $300 million.  No high-speed rail for you, Louisiana!  And thanks to the Cons demanding Dems cut $100 billion from the stimulus package because a) they're fucktards and b) they believe aid to the states doesn't stimulate the economy, we've lost 53,000 government jobs - mostly on the state and local level.  This at a time when job losses are so extreme that we can only guess at the numbers.  But it's not just the out-of-work, the poor, and the rapidly-shrinking middle class who are hurting.  Weep, weep I say, for the super-rich, who are now reduced to the wretched state of having to consider hiring financial planners just like those icky middle class plebes!

And along come those 'orrible libruls in Congress trying to take away business owners' right to profit from their employees' deaths.  How can these companies survive without "dead peasants' insurance"?

In other news, we know beyond doubt Tim Pawlenty's a Con intent on the White House - he's hiring as many dirty tricksters as he can lay hands on.

For those who might be confused by the essential difference between Cons and Dems, Steve Benen explains why Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria - where she "reinforced the [Bush] administration's positions" is rather different from the parade of Cons who've been busy undermining US policy abroad ever since a Dem butt got sat in the Oval Office chair.

And, finally, horror show time: George Will writes yet another global warming column.  I particularly like the fact that Think Progress took him down with a baseball metaphor.

Have I mentioned lately how embarrassing it is that the major opposition party in this country is so full of fucktarded bloody fools?

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Woozle said...

"another global warming column ... took him down with a baseball metaphor."

What an odd coincidence. Just a couple of days ago, my disreputable Con relative sent me a "GW denier unfairly censored!" concern troll piece in the New York Times, which mainly seemed to be about this document -- which I took down in three strikes because I didn't have time for all seven.

Looking at the George Will debunking, I notice that Will's article is based on one by the NYT's Andy Revkin... hmm, that name sounds familiar... this guy is the climate reporter for a major well-respected paper??

But I'm sure it was just a momentary lapse of judgment on someone's part; no need to go looking for any systematic patterns of denial in the mainstream media. Nope. They're just doing their job the best they can. Move along, citizens, and return to your duties; there is nothing to see here.