01 August, 2011

El Norte Day 1: Rosario Beach

So far, so fun. Sunday morning, the weather seemed pitiless. We left Seattle without much hope, but by the time we'd piddled our way through Mount Vernon and had lunch in Anacortes, the clouds relented, the sun shone, and we saw some of the most awesome fucking geology in the universe.

Here's some outtakes to tide ye over until I can properly write this stuff up.

Moi atop Rosario Head. That's Rosario Strait behind me, and some islands with no name on bloody online maps. I'm sure they have got names. We seem to name every bit of rock poking up above water round here. If anybody knows the names, bung 'em in comments.

Moi with some of the most delectable chert and shale I've ever seen. Look at it! Look at the folds! I'll have sooo much to say about this in a few days. And very many delicious yummy photos of the various bits in all their accordioned glory.

And look - look what I found at the top of the head! I don't know why this kind of thing makes me so happy. It just does. There's another one up there, but we'll save it for when I've got a reasonable internet connection (hotel wi-fi is teh suck).

At the top of the head is this enormous boulder of I know not what. The photo does not do it justice. It's green! So green in some places, especially that concave bit, dark green and lovely. I have close-ups: we will be giving this boulder some loving attention.

Moi with ribbon chert and kayakers. Oh, mama, this side of the head is fantastic! It's a paradise for someone who wanted to see really squished rocks. And behind my head is not ribbon chert - I believe that is old seafloor basalt, I shall have to engage in further investigations before I can be more certain. My book assures me those basalts should be there. And I think I found a fault. This bit of Washington geology is so yummy!

Uno mas. These rocks are like a box of chocolates - can't stop at one, or two, or the whole damned box.

We are, in fact, headed back to Rosario Beach tomorrow, as we'd managed to arrive at high tide. There's neato stuff hidden beneath the sea that shall be revealed. Any of you who've been there - tell me what I must not miss this time round!


Dan McShane said...

Those rocks will hurt your head Dana. And yup, you on a major tectonic boundary of sheared up accreated terains. It is about as good as it gets for looking at mangled up rocks and the interpretations are wildly different.

Alex Akesson said...

Can I come and live there? I'm self supportive Owm business. I heart rocks sooo much. Y
Did you know.... there were no rocks in New Orleans?
Akexakesson@yahoo.com (writer)

Alex Akesson said...