04 August, 2011

Unexpected Benefits of Rock Obsessions vol. 1

One of the many great things about Rosario Beach is its pebbles. The sea has spent a lot of time and effort on making perfect skipping stones. The whole beach is made of up naturally polished rocks, and if you listen as the tide comes in, you can hear the waves busily working away, turning bits of stone into smooth little discs. I love that.

So I shot some video, sitting there on the beach. You can actually feel it - as you're sitting there, as the waves break, you hear the rattle of pebbles and feel the whole beach vibrate beneath you. I was too busy watching sunlight through curling water and tumbling rocks to notice at the time, but you'll notice around the 21 second mark that I caught a leaping fish. Keep your eyes on the ocean in the middle-left, just to the right of the left-side sea stacks:

(If the video looks wonky, try going to YouTube directly and changing it to the highest resolution available. For some reason, it didn't want to upload nicely, but it looks fine in HD.)

This is one of the great things about geology. It's got me out in the sunshine noticing things I've never noticed before, even allowing me to catch things I didn't know I'd caught! I love my leaping fishy.

If any of you have stories about unexpected benefits, feel free to share.


Evelyn said...

I was hoping you had literally caught a fish... as in it leaped to the beach or into your hand :-)

Mary said...

I live in land-locked Indiana and don't spend nearly enough time at the edges of the continent. That video made me very happy.