15 August, 2011

Los Links 8/12

It's been a rather bizarre week, and I was left with far too much reading undone. Got a few nice things for ye, at least, enough to keep you good and unproductive on a Monday. Enjoy!

London Riots

Mind Hacks: Riot psychology and When explaining becomes a sin.

The Atlantic Wire: It's a Pattern: London Rioters Are Leaving Bookstores Untouched.


Glacial Till: Space science roundup and Aluminium, Alzheimer’s and Cranks.

County Fair: A Fox News Science Lesson.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Need to feed could have driven single cells to evolve into colonies.

Myrmecos: The Bee Dance Language Explained (At Last!).

Scientific American: It’s about Time: Animals remember past events in their lives.

The Thoughtful Animal: Guest Post! It’s About Time: Delving Into Animals’ Memories.

PhysOrg.com: Deep recycling in the Earth faster than thought.

MIT News: New drug could cure nearly any viral infection.

Neurotic Physiology: Another reason those Antidepressants might not be working: taken Aspirin lately?

White Coat Underground: Spider!

Outside the Interzone: Volcanic Ramblings.

Science-Based Medicine: The Scam Scam.

In the Pipeline: In Which We Learn Lots About Wine Swirling.

KGW.com: Undersea fiber optic lines to track OR quakes.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Pregnant plesiosaur with giant foetus hints at caring parents.

Scientific American: "Alternative Evolution" of Dinosaurs Foresaw Contemporary Paleo Finds [Slide Show].

Capital Weather Gang: Dramatic videos: Glacier calving in Alaska, ice shelf in Antarctica.

Compound Eye: Organic Honey Is A Sweet Illusion.

Scientific American: Genetically Engineered Crops—What, How and Why.

Degrees of Freedom: Fox Commentator Distorts Physics.


Rachelle Gardner: Questionable Practices by Literary Agents.

Nail Your Novel: Self-publish or small publishing house? How to decide.

Write to Publish: Discoverability...picking the right title.

Aetiology: It's not a freaking spider bite.

Atheism and Religion

Pandagon: Diversity, skepticism, and atheism.

California Catholic Daily: “I will not recant”.

Women's Issues

Butterflies and Wheels: Crazy American bitches.

Cackleofradness: The elevator incident(s).

Feministing: What Argument Against The Renewed ERA Could Feminists Face?


Whiskey Fire: SpongeBob HitlerPants.

Mother Jones: What the New York Times Got Wrong About Gay Nazis.

Think Progress: Prayer Rally Dwarfed By Texans Who Flock To Nearby Convention Center, Desperate For Free School Supplies.

Tent of Abraham: The “Liberal Media” Would Never Have Let Andrew Cuomo Get Away With This.

Slacktivist: The greatest degeneration.

Guardian: Michele Bachmann's Iowa circus.

The New Yorker: Leap of Faith.

Annals of Emergency Medicine: A Bitter Pill: Poison Control Centers Face Deep Budget Cuts.

NYT: Rick Perry’s Unanswered Prayers.

Society and Culture

Fast Company: Kill The Myth: Incandescent Bulbs Are Not Banned.

Mother Jones: Sustainable Food Doesn't Have To Be Elitist: Pigs Edition.

Slate: Overdone.

Almost Diamonds: God's Design for Discrimination.

Past Imperfect: If There’s a Man Among Ye: The Tale of Pirate Queens Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

XKCD: Password Strength.

Hatewatch: Last ‘Pink Triangle’ Dies, Gay-Bashers Alive and Well.

Salon: How America turned poverty into a crime.

Social Media Collective: “If you don’t like it, don’t use it. It’s that simple.” ORLY?

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