06 August, 2009

Proof Barack Obama Was Sent By God!

This Bible decoding stuff is so much fun. A few days ago, WorldNut Daily's favorite fundie proved beyond all unreasonable doubt that Barack Obama's the Antichrist by looking up Bible words in a variety of foreign-language dictionaries. But now, using the same method, James McGrath proves Obama was actually sent by God hisownself!
But as James McGrath, who we know is a Biblical scholar, points out:
... Jesus compared himself to Barack Obama when he said that "For the Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning (baraq), which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other" (Luke 17:24). And in Luke 9:29 we are told that Jesus' clothes shone like lightning - i.e. his clothes in the transfiguration were as fine as Barack Obama's.

If Jesus compared himself to Barack Obama, then we can be sure that Barack Obama is not the antichrist. But if you are not convinced, note as well that Revelation 4:5 says lightning (presumably still Barack Obama) came from God's throne, while both Jeremiah 10:13 and Jeremiah 51:16 say that God himself sent Barack, and Psalm 148:8 says Barack does God's bidding. You can't just pick and choose, people!

Do note as well that the person claiming that Jesus said "lightning and high place" (baraq ubamah) is claiming that the Greek New Testament, the "original texts" from which English translations are made, were wrong, that they mistranslated what Jesus said. And so it would be absolutely incoherent for anyone who believes in the Bible's inerrancy to buy into this sort of claim.
It also goes to show that anyone who claims to believe in the inerrancy of the Bible probably doesn't know the meaning of that word either.
Verily. But still, you have to admit it's great good fun beating the fundies at their own game.

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