25 November, 2008

Atheists: The All-Purpose Enemy

I feel all powerful now:

Last Thursday, Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy, the fourth largest United States coal company, ranted that his critics were “communists,” “atheists,” and “greeniacs.” In an address before the Tug Valley Mining Institute in Williamson, WV, Blankenship said those who criticize him are “our enemies” like Osama bin Laden:

It is as great a pleasure for me to be criticized by the communists and the atheists of the Charleston Gazette as to be applauded by my best friends. Because I know they are wrong. People are cowering away from being criticized by people that are our enemies. Would we be upset if Osama bin Laden was critical of us?

We'll have to start marketing ourselves as all-purpose enemies. We should be getting paid royalties, we're so useful.

What have the “atheists” at the Charleston Gazette done that merits Blankenship comparing them to Osama bin Laden? They’ve reported on:

The Fatal Aracoma Mine Fire. In the months before the fatal 2006 fire at the Aracoma mine, which had 25 violations of health and safety laws, Blankenship personally waived company policy and told mine managers to ignore rules and “run coal.”

Political Corruption. Blankenship has spent millions of dollars to influence West Virginia judgeships and state legislative races, and palled around in Monte Carlo with state Supreme Court Chief Justice Elliott “Spike” Maynard and their “female friends” in July 2006. The state court reversed a $77 million verdict against Massey in 2008.

Mountaintop Removal. Massey Energy is the king of the incredibly destructive practice of mountaintop removal mining. The Bush Administration (which includes former Massey officials) overturned Clinton-era rules limiting the practice. Massey now plans to destroy Coal River Mountain despite lacking necessary permits.

Curses! Foiled by those reality-loving atheists again!

I should probably be offended that atheists are so reviled that crooks like Blakenship use us as an all-purpose epithet, but I'm merely amused. And the more hysterical fits fucktards like Blakenship throw, the more he tries to smear good people by calling them atheists, the better off we are. People will eventually start thinking, "Hmm. According to that mountain-top removing, polluting, corrupt scumbag Blakenship, atheists are his worst enemies. Sounds like atheists aren't half bad!"

Besides. Being the sworn enemy of mountain-top removing, polluting, corrupt scumbags like Blakenship is rather a point of honor. I'm glad he recognizes the fact we hate his guts.

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