30 November, 2008

Sunday Sensational Science

To Mark the Passing of Events

Sunday Sensational Science is over at Slobber and Spittle this week. Cujo359 has put together a fantastically beautiful article on clocks of all sorts, from the crudest clocks in stone to the most sensitive atomic models. I was grateful when he offered to let me filch it so that I could finish NaNo without trying to put together something non-hokey, and I'm thrilled with the result. We've got one of the best Sunday Science articles ever, and I finished this damned book.

Not bad!

Go. Enjoy. Wonder why the hell Dana can't do anything half so good.

Muchos gracias, Cujo! Salud, mi amigo.

1 comment:

Cujo359 said...

What a beautiful old clock! And you're welcome.