19 November, 2008

We're a Hip Subculture!

W00t! We're hip! We're with it!

[The game] has no basis in historical reality and doesn't actually represent any religion. It just appeals to people who hate religion to begin with — the hip subculture of militant popular atheists.

Militant popular atheists, baby, yeah! Maybe that's what I should put in the book, instead of fire-breathing atheists or some equivalent.

Then again, we've been dubbed "the hip subculture of militant popular atheists" by a professor of religious studies who's whining that a board game that includes Cthulu and Eric Clapton as characters "has no basis in historical reality."


*takes Smack-o-Matic from the wall*

C'mere, Professor.

It's not meant to have a basis in historical reality, you dumbfuck! It's a board game. It's being marketed as "the world's first satirical board game of religious warfare." Not "the world's first educational and completely historically accurate board game of religious warfare." I know you like your happy reality wherein all religion is sweetness and light and would never ever start religious wars, whereas the creator of the game wanted to make fun of real reality where religion enjoys starting religious wars immensely. But to attack the game for not being something it was never meant to be just because it's got your panties in a wad? Give me a fucking break.

What's education coming to in this country when an erstwhile professor can't even tell the difference between a documentary and a satirical board game?

I think herr Professor's been snorting too much of the religious ecstasy. It's fried his brain.

It's really too bad. Would've been nice to have a trustworthy source call us a hip subculture.

(Tip o' the shot glass to PZ. Even though he STILL hasn't plugged COTEB VI)

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Cujo359 said...

One Fly pointed out an article over at his place that I just couldn't believe. It was quoting someone on the consumer economy who had, it appears, not even heard of the Great Depression. He certainly didn't understand what happened.

There are days when I wonder where they find these "experts" who comment on stuff.