26 November, 2008

Support Our Troops. Bush Doesn't.

I hope you've had your blood-pressure meds today:

From the LATimes, another story about the Bush administration deciding to nickel-and-dime wounded veterans:

"Marine Cpl. James Dixon was wounded twice in Iraq -- by a roadside bomb and a land mine. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, a concussion, a dislocated hip and hearing loss. He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Army Sgt. Lori Meshell shattered a hip and crushed her back and knees while diving for cover during a mortar attack in Iraq. She has undergone a hip replacement and knee reconstruction and needs at least three more surgeries.

In each case, the Pentagon ruled that their disabilities were not combat-related.


Because, of course, someone who fractures her hip while diving for cover in a mortar attack has not been disabled while "participating in the risk of combat". Obviously. According to the new policy, "her wounds would be considered combat-related only if she had been struck by shrapnel."

If you wondered what sort of damage Bush's new regulations were doing, there's your answer. I'm too infuriated to think of an appropriate response. I just wish the fucktards who put these policies in place were forced to sustain injuries in combat that would then be ruled non-combat-related.

Maybe then we'd see people actually supporting our troops rather than claiming they do while fucking them over.

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