24 October, 2009

Driving While ESL

I don't even know what to say:
Of course, the local cops are calling it a "rookie mistake":

A Dallas rookie police officer erred when he cited a woman earlier this month for being a non-English speaking driver, police said.

Officer Gary Bromley issued a citation Oct. 2 to 48-year-old Ernestina Mondragon after stopping her for making an illegal U-turn in the 500 block of Easton Road, near East Northwest Highway, according to a copy of the citation.

"That's a charge that does not exist here in the city of Dallas," said department spokesman Sgt. Warren Mitchell. "Although we believe it was a sincere mistake ... there's no excuse for it."
And there was no excuse the other 39 times over the last 3 years, either.

I love cops.  I truly do.  The vast majority of them work hard, and they're good men and women who follow the law.  But it's time for Dallas to get rid of their bad apples, starting with the ones at the top of the basket.

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