15 October, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

Plenty o' health care news today, including plenty o' stupid.  For a change, let's start with the not-so-stupid first.  Sen. Reid takes to testifying against the insurance companies, explaining how their anti-trust exemption isn't good for the country, and taking a not-so-subtle shot across their bow.  Good for him.

Now if only he'd take responsibility for the public option rather than moaning about how helpless he is.

Queen Snowe may have voted for the Senate Finance Committee reform bill, but she's still disdainful of the public option, and doesn't want to see it anywhere near the final legislation.  Sen. Ben Nelson, meanwhile, is busy hiding in her skirts.  Which may be why Rep. Grayson felt moved to remind Dems that Olympia Snowe was not, in fact, elected President.  Good point.

By the way, if you need rock salt this winter season, call her office.

Michael Steele wants us to know that where the health care reform train is concerned, he is "the cow on the tracks, and you’re going to have to stop that train to get this cow off the tracks and move forward."  And, furthermore, he wants us to "get in a room" and "have a Rodney King moment."  My goodness.  Really?  And this is the head of the RNC?  Wow.

Meanwhile, Cons are busy running with that debunked AHIP study.  Quelle surprise.   

The White House has pretty much declared the insurance companies Public Enemy #1.  And they're wasting no time excoriating Blue Cross for releasing a bogus report of its own.  I think the White House is getting a little tired of the not-so-veiled threats to jack up premiums if anyone has the audacity to put a crimp in their plans to fuck us all.

The Obama administration's definitely taking reform seriously.  They deployed a five-person team to help the Senators who will now attempt to reconcile the Baucus Bullshit with the H.E.L.P. Committee bill.  

And, finally, while Cons have been telling Americans we have the absolute bestest health care system evah, Americans apparently aren't listening.  Nope.  Not even "real" Americans.

I think I hear a fat soprano gargling in the wings....

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