14 October, 2009

Gov. Perry Takes It Further

Criminally oblivious piece of shit, innit he?
But Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), who was governor when the state killed Willingham, was apparently afraid of what the truth might show. In the 11th hour, Perry fired some of the Forensic Science Commission's members, ensuring that the panel couldn't hold a meeting to discuss the case.

Publius explained this morning that Perry is still at it.
He's now removed a fourth member of the Texas commission responsible for investigating whether Texas (and Perry) executed an innocent man. It's whitewashing at its worst. [...]
What's amazing is not so much that Perry replaced the panel members, but that he felt secure enough to be so brazenly corrupt about it.... [H]is motive is fairly clear. Perry contributed to the execution of an innocent person. And the formal recognition that Texas executed an innocent man would trigger a massive political earthquake -- one that would clarify to an inattentive public the utter barbarity and immorality of Texas's criminal justice system.
So yes, I can understand Perry's motives. But it doesn't change the fact that he is acting in a profoundly immoral way. The whole thing reminds me of a banana republic dictator clumsily covering up his crimes.

It's a genuine disgrace and an embarrassment to the country.

I hope Perry ends up in a Texas prison together with all those men he's condemned.  I truly do.

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