07 October, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

Still stupid, I'm afraid.  But I have to admit, this cracks me up: check out Bobby Jindal cribbing from the Dems' sheet on health care reform.  Those aren't original ideas, Bobby, hate to break it to you.

Cons are really trying to outdo themselves on the stoopid today.  Here we have Sen. Inhofe conveniently forgetting the Bush years as he claims that reconciliation has never ever in the entire history of America been used for something like health care reform.  That's so easy to debunk it's almost farcial.

Michele Bachmann kind of spectacularly fucks up the Cons' "but private health insurers would be helpless victims at the hands of a public option!" messaging

Faux News's Shep Smith savages Sen. John Barrasso on, of all things, the public option.  Mind you, Smith was arguing for the public option, and won the argument handily.  I don't often give a Faux News babbler kudos, but there are times like these when Smith almost resembles an honest-to-goodness journalist.  Beauty.

And here are all the ways Sen. Snowe's fucked up health care reform.  Moderate she may be, but the Con stupidity still clings to her like a stubborn bad smell.

I don't know if she's a major reason why Baucus has totally lost control of his bullshit, but it now looks like the stench has caused him to lose way too many Dems to pass the fucking thing.  Is it petty of me to be awfully damned pleased?

Sen. Ben Nelson wants us all to know nobody's talked to him about party unity, and he still reserves the right to filibuster whatever the hell he pleases.  Yes, Ben, you do.  And we have the right to destroy your sorry ass come next election.  And what's more, we will enjoy it.

Betsy McCaughey, she of the death panels and far too many other scaremongering myths to name, gets her ass handed to her in an epic smackdown by Rep. Weiner.  The fact that she called for yanking Medicare away from all seniors 65-70 probably won't win any friends among the gray-haired set, either.

And, just to prove they can't be trusted, insurer Wellpoint sues the state of Maine for the right to raise premiums by over 18%.  What possessed them to think it's a good idea to pull that shit now is beyond my comprehension.

That's a lot of stupid, I know.  But there's also some happy news.  The White House will soon have to get off its arse and actually lead on health reform.  And a remarkable number of high-profile Republicans have come out on the side of reform.  We may not be able to get bipartisan in Congress, but by damn, we sure as shit are getting it outside.  And that might help the bill's chances in the public's bleary eyes.

We shall see.  I'm sure there'll be plenty of stupid before the bill is passed.  And then we must make sure that Cons never ever get their filthy little hands on the White House again, because Bachmann et al want nothing more than to repeal absolutely anything Dems pass, and are just stupid enough to repeal stuff we quite like.

Which, if Cons end up turning reform into a debacle, might not be such a bad idea...

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