29 October, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

Here's a rich one: Blanche Lincoln's fine with a public insurance option for Big Ag, but not for thee.  You might want to give her a ringy-ding and ask just why that is.

Joe Lieberman's still trying to play kingmaker, positioning himself to Queen Snowe's right on the public option - he's not even good with triggers, much less the public option the majority of his caucus, his constituents, and the public at large are plumping for.  He must have some super-magical power to make Senators fall in love with him, because Chris Dodds is out there singing his praises as well.  But his magical powers aren't infallible - his blatant lies about the public option have caused some key Dem senators to give him quite the spanking.  You can pile on, too, if you like.  Don't know quite what to say outside of you think he's a two-faced piece of shit who should've been dumped from the Dem caucus like so much toxic waste?  Start by asking him why he was for a public option before he was against it.  That should be fun.

If you're still raring to give Dem senators a whack after all that, give Evan Bayh a call and ask him about this "procedural vote's the same as voting for the final bill" bullshit.

Moving on to the other side of the aisle, then.  The Con inability to read polls is getting embarrassing.  Maybe they don't quite understand how it works, so I'll be happy to help explain this to them.  When a pollster asks a question such as, "Would you favor or oppose the government offering everyone a government administered health insurance plan -- something like the Medicare coverage that people 65 and older get -- that would compete with private health insurance plans?" and 65% say they favor this, that means that a majority of people like the idea of a public health insurance option.  I know that's hard for Cons to understand.  Numbers is hard.  But when the largest number refers to the people who support said public option, that means lots more people want a public option than don't want it.  I hope this helps.

In fact - and it's important that dumbshit Dems listen closely, now, too - the public likes the public option better than they like health care reform.  This means that health care reform with a public option will likely go over well with the public, whereas health care reform without the public option could cause people to be a wee bit pissed. 

And, Cons?  I know Joe Lieberman has some sort of magical effect on people, and his dumb is probably wearing off, but do try to wake up and smell the reality: states that opt out of the public option will not, in fact, be paying for it, because it's a fucking insurance option paid for with premiums you dumbfucks.  Clear?  No?  Well, don't say I didn't try.

And, Dems?  If you believe Jon Kyl and his bunch of batshit insane Con friends will turn around and vote with you if you just go with the opt-in idea they're now making appreciative noises over, then I'd like you to give me a call about some beachfront property I've got for sale in the Arizona desert.  Firesale prices, I'm telling you.  This offer won't last, so call now.

Finally, news that may amuse you: the GOP has decided that AARP is the new ACORN.  I can't wait to see the seniors take their asses down.

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