24 October, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

I can't wait until these assclowns pass some sort of health care reform so the endless parade of outrageous dumbfuckery can... well, it's never going to stop.  I mean, come on.  We've got Smilin' Tim Pawlenty all set and ready to opt his state right out of reform.  You know that once reform's passed, no matter in what shape or form, the Cons will go even more batshit insane than they already are.

But at least we won't have to watch all the sausage-making anymore.  It's getting nauseating.  Here we have the White House getting ready to pull the trigger on us.  Therefore, the Senate's considering pulling the triggerQueen Snowe's going to be spending her whole entire weekend shitting all over the very idea of a public option.  Nancy Pelosi's gone from saying the public option's totally alive to saying we might not get what we want.  In the course of a single fucking day, mind you.

Looks like telling those dithering dumbfuck Dems to get off the fucking fence and pick a side didn't go too well.


I just hope Rep. Dingell gets through to some of these dumbshits:
In a tense, closed door caucus meeting this morning, during which House Democrats were made to go on the record on the question of whether they'd vote for a health care bill with a robust public option, some of the caucus' most nervous members got a bit of perspective from its longest serving members.

"It was really fairly simple speech," said Rep. John Dingell (D-MI). "All I did was to remind the members that the Republicans are out there to beat us by seeing to it that we accomplish nothing during this Congress especially on health care. It's exactly the same tactic, the same strategy they used in 1993. And I reminded them that that tactic took control of the House from us, because, one of the principal reasons was, we were not able to pass a health insurance bill."

Dingell tells me, "I reminded them that Democrats were divided on the issue. And I told them that if they want to come back and control the Congress they should get behind this bill."
I pointed out that there are 47 million Americans--not 35--that would be able to draw benefits under this. That's not only a moral, but an economic necessity. Because we can no longer afford the cost of health insurance... I pointed out that by 2082 or thereabout two curves will cross on a graph. The first the cost of health care the second the United States GDP. We're going to confront a massive and frightening situation.
The more immediate point, though, is that these members have made the wrong political calculation. "I told them that this country will support members that do what they think is right and go home and defend it," Dingell said, reminding them that the real danger is not that some of the bill's provisions, particularly the robust public option, might be unpopular in their districts, but that they go home empty handed.

Dingell's optimistic. "I think we're going to win--I think we very well have to win."
Keep screaming, sir.  Maybe, possibly, eventually, if you scream loud and long enough, some sense will penetrate.


Meanwhile, liberal Dems have taken aim directly at Rahm Emmanuel in a carefully-phrased letter.  Shorter liberal Dem letter: "Fucking lead, fucking follow, or fucking get out of the fucking way."  If they'd phrased it exactly like that, there'd be a better chance he'd get it.

Pelosi completely dissed a Tenther.  'Twas glorious.

AHIP's already facing the wrath of the White House, but now they're really in for it.  I don't think they'll survive Patriot Baby.

Reid's making a calculated gamble that might save us from the trigger.  Mebbe.

Specter thinks we're going to get cloture, without Snowe, which maybe possibly means we'll have it without a fucking trigger.

Former Sen. Chuck Hagel delivered quite the spanking to his party.  Never knew the old boy could wield the Smack-o-Matic so vigorously.

And Rep. Weiner delivered the coup de gras by calling out the 55 Cons who, while they are dead-set against public options for the rest of us, are more than happy to take advantage of government-run health care by signing up for Medicare.

This is why I do not despair.  We're having a rough day, but the fight's still on, the warriors are on the battlefield, and we might still win the war.  We shall see.

Oh, and the next time someone tells you Faux News is a legitimate news channel, ask them why one of their supposedly "fair and balanced" reporters is rallying against health care reform.  That should be amusing.

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