27 October, 2009

Oh, Goody - Teabag 2.0

Yup.  They're still loud, proud, and going for the gold in Epic Stupid:
Whenever I get too frustrated with my liberal brethren I spend some time over at the astroturf ersatz grassroots online organization Resistnet reminding myself of what the teabaggers are up to. It never fails to put things in perspective.

I wrote the other day about the teabaggers Next Big Thing, which is Countdown to Judgment Day. (Never say they are too subtle...) They have launched the new Teabag Express II, which is going all across the country spreading the good word, culminating in the national launch of the 2010 campaign to throw the Democrats out of office. Their stated philosophy is this:
Let’s stand up and stop the bailouts, cap and trade, out-of-control spending, government-run healthcare, and higher taxes! We’re back and determined to take our country back!
No word on what they're for, but I think it's evident, don't you?

They have a message board, which is a lot of fun to read. I particularly like this one:

HOW TO CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN TO SHUT DOWN CONGRESS OVER HEALTH CARE - The Way Gingrich Did In The 1990’S (over taxes) - simple, fast and effective
They are all furiously writing to Republican congressmen telling them to emulate Gingrich and shut down the government. It's kind of adorable.

But it's also kind of scary how dumb they are. Gingrich shut down the government in 1995 and it was widely considered the main impetus for Clinton winning re-election the next year.
I'm thrilled they're keeping busy.  Less work for us come next election cycle.  Heh.

Just for good measure (and because your cantinera is, once again, buggering out early for some quality time with her characters), have some LOLTeabaggers:


They're so precious, aren't they?

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