08 November, 2008

Democracy in Action

You are the People. Raise your voice.

First off, if you're pissed off at the Mormon Church's foray into politics to suppress the rights of gays, I've got a petition for ye:

Sign this petition to support the legal effort to amend our tax laws such that the Mormon Church, and other transgressing churches, would lose tax-exempt status if they continue lobbying for state propositions. We intend to share this list with the ACLU, Lambda Legal, and other official legal organizations that will be pressing forward with this effort.
And before I hear tons of bullshit over how this infringes on the church's right to speak, etc. etc., remember that no one's saying they can't support noxious legislation intended to push their narrow-minded values on the citizenry at large. All it's saying is that if they choose to indulge, they get to pay taxes like the rest of us. If you want to play, pay.

I think that's fair enough to ask. Certainly more fair than the lies these rabid fuckwits tell to persuade people to vote for bigotry and hate.

Next on our agenda of action items: a delightful petition to the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee requesting they kick Lieberman's ass to the curb:

Dear Senators,

Two years ago, Democrats in Joe Lieberman's own state voted for change in Connecticut's U.S. Senate primary against Ned Lamont.

Despite pledges to caucus with the party and refrain from attacking our presidential nominee, Senator Lieberman has consistently threatened to leave our ranks and even attacked Barack Obama as keynote speaker during Republican Convention.

Earlier this week, he even campaigned against a "filibuster-proof Democratic majority." Make no mistake about it, when graciously offered a chance to remain in the caucus at the expense of his chairmanship, he offered more threats in a nationally televised press conference.

The decision is now up to you. Please do not allow Joe Lieberman to go around Senator Reid and remain chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Though Lieberman has not investigated one meaningful scandal in his role as chairman during the Bush Administration, we are certain he will only be too happy to cause problems for an Obama administration when 2009 rolls around.

It's time for Joe to go.


And here you thought I'd stop pestering you with petitions. Not so, my darlings. Our work is only beginning. Our voices need to be raised in a sustained chorus for the next four years. Run through your scales and get ready to break the glass.


Woozle said...

I was all set to sign that petition, but it doesn't indicate anywhere what you're actually signing. Has anyone tried it, and can report what happens when you press the button?

Also, Lawrence Lessig (the Creative Commons guy) has called for a movement to overturn Prop 8:
- blog entry, with lots-o-comments (some in need of smackdown)
- wiki page (put up by a 3rd party, but on Lessig's wiki)

BurrDeming said...

The anger against Joe Lieberman goes back to 2006. He was not the only Senator who continued to support a forever occupation.

But even then he was unique as a Democrat in going out of his way to taunt those whose support he demanded.

Cujo359 said...

Lieberman's been a Democrat in Name Only (DINO) for some time. This session, his support for the Iraq War, his lousy record on abortion, and help getting Supreme Court Justices Alito and Roberts confirmed are cases in point. It's high time he became an embarrassment to the other party.