01 November, 2008

Last Hurrah

Did you all have splendid Halloweens? I do hope so, especially as I'm about to rub your faces in my celebrations.

I had a delightful evening at a live Rocky Horror Picture Show. Local theatre doesn't get the credit it deserves, damn it. The cast and crew were awesome, a naughty great time was had by all, and I got to meet one of our cantina regulars who's also one of my favorite bloggers. I was too busy having fun to ask if he keeps his identity a strict secret, so I'll let him out himself in comments if he so desires. Let's just say for now, my darlings, that getting to meet one of you live in the flesh was awesome.

Especially in the context. I do loves me some Rocky Horror. I just miss Zog. Zog and I used to get nasty in public. (Among the many joys of having a gay friend is that the two of you can engage in the dirtiest of dirty dancing without having to worry if things are being misconstrued. Which is how we ended up on the stage after the show making even long-time Rocky Horror fans do a double-take. Heh.)

What I love about Seattle crowds is that audience members and cast alike ad-lib political barbs and hurl them happily at Republicons. We got our digs in. BUSH is now the official 4-letter word meaning asshole. Damn, I love this audience!

I even got to hang out with Gandalf:

Gandalf and Death of the Endless... combining my two all-time favorite fantasy characters in one go. Brilliant!

Do you like my costume? I hope you like my costume. It took me bloody ages to get the makeup right, and it'll take ages more to get the gel out of my hair.

That was actually what the hair was supposed to do. It only did it when I was looking down. My hair, you see, is utterly unimpressed by styling products. I swear I could tease it up with superglue, and it would still ease back to its usual position within half an hour. But hey, the eyes turned out well:

So did the cardboard-and-tinfoil ankh I had to whip up at the last minute because my own dear ankh wasn't where I thought it was, a sad fact I discovered far too late to remedy via the usual means.

So, that's me as Death, and I got to sing a lot of Rocky Horror songs and meet excellent people and have a good session at the bar afterward. That was it. My last hurrah.

Because, you see, it is now November 1st.

It is (drumroll of doom please) NaNo time.

For the next four weeks, I shall be stuffed in my house, planted in my chair, getting too little sleep and courting carpal tunnel to write a complete book by the end of the month whilst keeping this blog alive. This means you'll probably get some rather skimpy Sunday Sensational Science posts, hit-and-run political pieces, and a crap-ton of book excerpts.

My heart-sister NP and several of our cantina regulars are putting themselves through the same hell. Wish them survival, sanity and success, not necessarily in that order.

And have fun for the lot of us, will you? We'll be too busy.


Andre Vienne said...

Good luck with that. I'm in the same boat.

Of course, I didn't write nearly as much as I wanted to this morning, as I ended up getting stuck in a terrible nostalgia moment. The bad thing about having a blog now is that I had a place to indulge in it rather than tossing it off to the side carelessly.

Ah well. Writing time is now!

Also, excellent Death, despite the hair.

Anonymous said...

Hey - Gandalf here. (Always prefered Mithrandir, but I'm a sucker for dipthongs and rollable 'r's.)

The show was great, probably the best of the 5 I saw. That's actually Columbia's mom behind us in the boa.

Drop me a note at my alternate wizard guise, HarryDresden AT hotmail.com, I want more info on na-no - I promised myself I was going to do it, but forgot. Absent minded wizard and all.