02 November, 2008


Whelp. We have ourselves an Introduction and part of Chapter One. Not too bad so far, I don't think. I'm writing this in something of a conversational tone, directly to the Christian reader, which is tougher than it sounds because my Inner Editor keeps sniggering, "You know it's actually atheists reading this."


A huge part of NaNo always involves bludgeoning the Inner Editor into unconsciousness so you can get on with the business of writing the bloody book.

As promised, an excerpt:

Christians don't understand atheists. This is probably where a good amount of the vitriol thrown our way comes from. Even the ones who attempt to hold discussions with us soon find themselves in deep trouble, and those are the Christians this book is for. I got the idea after the umpteenth time I saw a Christian get trounced in comment threads on atheist blogs. Too many of you have wrong assumptions about us. Too many of you have no idea how we think, or what an atheist actually is - all you've been given is a caricature. You believe that atheists hate God, despise all Christians, have no morals, and worship science, none of which are true. A good number of you seem to think they only reason we're atheists is because we're rebelling against God, or because we don't understand what Christianity is. As you'll see, those assumptions are also false.

There are some pretty silly myths out there about atheists. We'll debunk a few of those along the way.

By the end of this book, if you stick with me, you'll understand atheists a lot better. You'll understand why we've come out of hiding and proudly branded ourselves with the scarlet A. You'll know how we think, why we speak out forcefully against religious excesses and unreasoning belief. You'll understand why we often seem so angry and strident. You may even realize that we're not terrible monsters out to destroy civilization, but caring and concerned humans who work hard to make this world a better place.

We may seem like we have nothing in common with each other, you and I, but you'll be surprised. We have plenty of things we can agree on. We have more than enough to talk about.

Let's get talking.

-End o' the Introduction-

If any of you are absolutely dying for the entire thing, email me at dhunterauthor at yahoo dot com. I'll send you chapters as they're completed, and you can tell me how awful it is. Good times, good times.

I am now going to take myself to bed. I'm going through political blog withdrawl and it's not pretty. Must go curl up with Bertrand Russell and try to detox.

Word count: 1700.


NP said...

Yay for 1700 words! Woo hoo!

Andre Vienne said...

Yay for 1700 words!

And, hm. I suppose that means I must write.

Though I'm also interested in this. I might just request it.

Chaos Lee said...

Well, for some bloody reason I've convinced myself to partake of NaNoWriomyfuckingodwhatwasIthinking madness.

I actually am very interested to read this non-fiction informative work you are creating, and will gladly read it. But, as I shan't have time between now and 11/30, you can send me the final product on 12/1. I wish you luck, much caffeine, nicotine, and music.

And please offer up some small creatures for my personal lords of chaos. I shall need it. I'm starting late, and not counting the 90 pages I've already completed.

Here goes nothing.