06 November, 2008

This Cartoon Says It All

Ratified, indeed. Fair takes my breath away, that does.

(Tip o' the shotglass to Slobber and Spittle. I didn't mean to get tears in your tequila, Cujo darling, but it was unavoidable. I have never felt more proud to be an American. We're once again starting to live up to our ideals and shine a beacon for the world. And a tip o' my shot glass to those parts of the world that kept the light shining when we were in darkness. Together, we're going to make this a finer world. Yes. We. Can.)


Cujo359 said...

That's OK, Dana. I think mine were there already. When I think back to how things were when I was growing up, I realize we've come a long way.

Barkeep, another round!

Atheist Chaplain said...

I was boarding my Plane home from Perth when the news of McCain conceding defeat was showing on ALL the TV screens in the Aircraft, to say it was the happiest flight I have ever taken would be an understatement. I suppose this means I can now put the spare bed linen that I had out for the influx of my American friends away :-)