07 February, 2010

And a Chaser

Must Love Dogs.  What a thing to follow up American Psycho with, eh?

Look.  I needed a genuine chick flick.  All right?  Anybody got a problem?  So what if it was predictable and cheesy as hell.  And it's work.  Really.  It is.  I'm, uh, researching what not to do when it comes to telling the Greatest Love Story of All Time. 

And you'll hear no complaints from my end.  I got some mapping work done and got hit with a major revelation.  Not bad for a movie night.

But if anybody wants to recommend some actually really good, well-written, well-acted romantic films (if such a thing even exists), I will not be ungrateful if you should mention them in comments.


Mike S. said...

I'm not normally a big fan of that kind of movie, but I did enjoy 'Notting Hill'. Well written and a good cast (Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts).

Paco said...

I thought _Must Love Dogs_ was dumb, because they didn't seem to have much of a relationship beyond bad experiences with others and a few fantasies. That gal struck me as desperate.

I've much more enjoyed film treatments of Jane Austen. (_Clueless_ was also excellent, as a modern treatment of _Emma_, but more of a comedy than a romance.) _Cyrano de Bergerac_ with Depardieu I liked. _North by Northwest_ had a good romantic side story amid the adventure.

_Nights of Cabiria_ is excellent, though hardly a romance. A lot of it's sad, but it's oddly uplifting at the end.

It's not the themes of chick flicks I have trouble with, just that Sturgeon's Law applies to them as to everything else.

bzyglowi said...

'Down With Love' is actually a really clever and fun romantic comedy. I also love 'Love Actually' which is rather different since it features all kinds of relationships (some romantic, some not).

My personal go-to chick flick is Pride & Prejudice. I don't know if it's really the best version, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy so I don't care.

rekenner said...

I think I mentioned Love, Actually in a previous comment.
So, the previous commenter is a good person, and I'll second it again here.

Chris Rhetts said...

"Frankie and Johnny" (1991) with Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer is a gritty, drop dead cool love story which features two performers at the top of their game and a great supporting cast. The story don't suck either.

Scotty said...

Well, a few that come to mind are:

Autumn in New York
Message in a Bottle
Nights in Rodanthe
Under a Tuscan Sun