14 February, 2010


That's all I've been hearing.

Me: "Can I blog a little bit now?"

Muse: "NEIN!"

Me: "Can I stop for dinner?"

Muse: "NEIN!"

Me: "Can't I please just have a little bit of sleep?"

Muse: "NEIN!"  A whip cracks.  A writer whimpers.  And then comes the tippity-tap of fingers frantically pounding keys.

I've only been able to sneak a peek at The Washington Monthly in between calls at work, and furtively followed Pharyngula when the Muse finally lets me shovel a wee bit o' food into my mouth.  I actually caught a fleeting glimpse of Think Progress earlier, but then the Muse found out, and let's just say she's a fast woman with a whip.

She's going to let me go see Epica tonight.  But that's only after some begging, pleading, and promising it was mostly for research purposes.

I don't even get to read books anymore...

And I miss you guys.

Oshit, she saw me.  "Coming, darling!" 

*Fading sound of a writer's running footsteps as a whip cracks once again.*

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