03 February, 2010


So, I started my day by searching for Monotype Corsiva.  It's a font, and I lost it when I reformatted the computer, and I wants it.  But since I'd had it free before, I wasn't willing to pay 30 bucks for it.  Turns out, it's a Microsoft font, and the reason I haven't got it anymore is because I uninstalled the Microsoft Office program that came with the machine.  And then discovered that Works hasn't got it.  And then discovered that my recovery disc is only interested in recovering things from scratch, not recovering a single program after everything else has been loaded.


None of the free downloads worked.  Open Office hasn't got it.  So what did I do?  Ended up downloading a free trial of Office Pro, just so I could have the fucking font.

Then I went through the movie channels looking for various and sundry films for inspiration.  Took forever, that did, especially since it didn't seem they'd ever air anything worth seeing, and the movie I was looking for was nowhere to be found.  And you may ask why I didn't just turn to Netflix, or extract my sorry arse from the house for a trip to the video store.  One word: free.  I already pay for cable, might as well make it work for me.

Sum total of useful work done today: 0.

Well, I got some political reading done whilst Office was downloading.  But still.

And hey, I have my font.  And I have some movies set to record.  And I've made peace with my little obsessions.

What lengths do you go to for utterly silly things?

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