28 February, 2010

The Way to My Cat's Heart

Definitely through her tummy.

I awoke this morning to pitiful little meows, and then she jumped into bed and cuddled very close, purring as loudly as she could manage.  She usually wants nothing do to with me until I'm trying to do something else.  "Bet her food bowl's empty," thought I as I drifted back to sleep with my face buried in fur.

I was so right.

The affection she shows her mommy directly correlates to her needs at the time.  If she's hungry or cold, I'm the most awesomest hooman and she loves me to bits.  If all of her needs have already been met, I'm furniture.  Or a particularly entertaining chew toy.

Cats are amazing creatures.


John Pieret said...

So, how long have you owned ... been owned by ... this cat? And you're just finding this out?

Karen said...

You should see my Paddy when he wants to have the laser pointer to play with. He goes from his standard "don't touch me" mode to cuddle kitty supreme!

Nicole said...

When Hubby is in the midst of an intense battle on World of Warcraft is usually when his precious Jaina decides she needs some cuddles, and she climbs up onto his lap, and then his chest, and then wherever will get the most attention.

The rest of the time, she's a pet we refer to as "The Ghost."