17 February, 2010

The Strangeness of Writers

I've blown through something on the order of four pens since this extravaganza started.  Today, as I was working, I noticed my last remaining pen was running critically low on ink.

No problemo, said I.  Had to go to Target anyway, didn't I?  I can easily get pens at Target.  So off to Target I went.

They don't carry my favorite pen, my only pen, the Uni-Ball Signo stick pen.  All they had was the retractables.  Bugger.  But, pas de problem, Staples is on the way home.

All.  Retractables.  ARGH.

I ended up with some off-brand clone that's not clone enough.  So what do I do?  Get on Amazon and look for my pens.  Found 'em.  Ordered 'em.  Shall have them Friday.  And yes, it was worth all the extra money.  Generic's great for drugs.  Not so much for pens.  Not when you're a writer.  Writers get really particular about their pens.

Sad, innit?


Andre Vienne said...

Hah. I do the same thing, though my pens I can find anywhere. I like those Pilot Precise V7 (Or V5) pens. Black only, because blue is just... I don't understand people who use blue pens. There's something wrong with the color to me.

I can also use fountain pens, and I like those, but they're a bit more expensive, and not worth having around until I've got a proper desk.

Chris Rhetts said...

Man I really had to smile at this one. My all time favorite pen has always been the Sheaffer Standard (cartridge) fountain pen with the "medium" nib. Whenever I got one I always dressed the point with very fine emery paper - which makes all the difference. These pens also express subtle calligraphic effects by pressing down lightly on the nib - which widens the ink channel.

The pens also come in really nice calligraphy sets. To get an idea how they work, open your MSPaint program, select the "brush" and the "\" tip - then try writing out words.

I agree with Andre. People who habitually write in blue ink strike me as oafish, incompetent slobs and society should find a way to censure them.

Nicole said...

"Generic's great for drugs. Not so much for pens."

Best quote ever.