08 February, 2010

The Cantinera Is Out

Alas, my darlings, no beating up political nitwits today.  My characters are babbling, we just got done watching My Life in Ruins, and, well.

(For those wondering, My Life in Ruins is kitschy as hell, but it's cute.  Oh, and the lead actor?  Haaawt.

And no, it hasn't been all chick flicks all the time.  I watched The Constant Gardner last night.  Excellent movie and I recommend it.  Especially for those needing a break from unrelenting cuteness.)

I'll return when the cast and crew shut up, or when another bit of stupidity as delightful as Sarah Palin's palm happens.  In the meantime, I'm opening the floor to non-chick flick recommendations.

(Additional note: for those of you wondering what happened to COTEB, Cujo got kidnapped by people needing volunteers.  He'll get to it just as soon as he escapes.  Wish him luck.)

Have a wonderful Tuesday, my darlings!

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